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Trauma Information Series  

Trauma 101 

May 17, 2018 

10:00 am - Noon 

Join us for the third session in the Trauma Information Series. This session This session will focus on the different types of trauma for and individual, family, as well as larger community and the impacts across the spectrum of what is defined as “trauma”.  Inter-related issues of addictions, family dysfunction, and mental health will be briefly presented. We will discuss evidence-based treatment interventions relating to brain science and briefly review the key principles of trauma-informed care. 

Learning Outcomes:

1) Understand what “trauma” is

2) Learn about the different types of trauma 

3) Treatment interventions for trauma and a basic understanding of trauma informed care

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Art and Expressive Therapy for Trauma Treatment 

May 31, 2018 

10:00 am - Noon 

The session will take the audience from a definition of art therapy, through principles of Trauma Informed Art Therapy, and then examples of some of the art therapy directive used at the Be Brave Ranch, including the different ways they help the children visualize their trauma, and explore creative solutions to some of the obstacles they encounter in dealing with their trauma.

Learning Outcomes:

1) A working definition of art therapy

2)  The ways that art therapy is used to overcome trauma and trauma histories

3) To view examples of art therapy ‘product’, with explanation of how the process worked.

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May 2018 Newsletter

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New Recordings


Fentanyl Information Series: Update on the Opioid Crisis: Focus on Naloxone

Join us to discuss updated information on the current opioid crisis in Alberta. This session will provide users with newer information on the impacts of Fentanyl within First Nations in Alberta.  This update will include changes about the naloxone programs available to communities.
This session will include:

  1. Increase understanding of the impact of the opioid crisis on reserve in Alberta

  2.  Review how opioid overdose prevention is being supported through Alberta Health Services Community Based Naloxone Program

  3.  Brief overview of Indigenous Grants

  4. Discuss common questions related to overdose prevention, including the role of Intranasal Naloxone

To View Recording: CLICK HERE

Simplifying Breastfeeding Part 1

Speaker: KC Zagrodney, Lactation Consultant, PHN, Stoney First Nation.This 1 hour presentation is the first of a two part series on breastfeeding. KC will talk about the importance of breastfeeding for mom & baby and the early days of breastfeeding. The presentation includes practical information and several helpful videos to demonstrate skin to skin and a variety of breastfeeding positions. Outline: • Why Breastfeed • Introduction to breasts • Skin to skin • Colostrum and first feeds • Breastfeeding positions • A good latch Simplifying Breastfeeding 

To View Recording: CLICK HERE

Trauma Information Series Session 1: Be Brave Ranch Overview

The First Nations Telehealth Network invites you to join the first of six sessions in the Trauma Information series. Participants in this session will learn about the Be Brave Ranch. This multi-modal intensive,  treatment facility offering children year long treatment for childhood sexual abuse and assistance and support for their parents.  The vision of Be Brave Ranch is to provide a safe and secure place of treatment and healing, aimed at the mind, body, heart and spirit of child victims and their families

Learning Outcomes

  • Overview of Be Brave Ranch
  • Multimodal therapy structure
  • Services for families and the family centered approach

To View Recording: CLICK HERE

Historical Trauma: An Indigenous Persepctive Session 4

Session (4) of (5) sessions about a chronology of Canadian History that led up to the Residential Schools and 60's Scoop and caused Intergenerational Trauma.

Learning goals:

  • Timeline of policies that drastically affected Indigenous Peoples
  • A look at a Nakoda Beliefs System
  • Traditional stories
  • Where viewer may place him/herself in this history
  • Ways to address their own trauma

Presenter: Tom Snow is a Nakoda Sioux who practices Traditional Culture. 

To View Recording: CLICK HERE


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Clinical SessionNephrology - UAH - Garden River (2)May 22, 2018 15:20 ~ 15:40

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