Monday, July 23, 2018

Site Connection Directory


For a complete breakdown of videoconference site connection details for all First Nations Health Centres in Alberta, FNIHB-Alberta Region offices, and other First Nations sites in Alberta, please click here.

FNIHB Telehealth Information


For more general information regarding the Telehealth program, please view our information postcard by clicking here.

Manuals and Documentation


The list below contains several helpful and informative documents pertaining to Telehealth and videoconferencing. Click on the name of the document you wish to view to open it in a new browser window.

Checklist for Booking and Attending a Session
How to Navigate the Telehealth Portal

Troubleshooting Tips
Understanding the Equipment
Group Series Guide (2016)
Videoconference Recording Policy
First Nations Telehealth Network Map
HDX 4500 Guide